Project Summary

ESW’s experience within electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure is substantial and diverse.  It encompasses the installation of more than 300 turnkey charging ports across 11 states, and site assessment, engineering, and project management services on a broader scale, covering a wide range of locations and electric utility interaction.

Our expert team houses Engineering, Procurement and Project/Risk Management under the same roof as Construction, resulting in turnkey EV infrastructure capabilities.  We routinely self-perform all civil construction (trenching/boring; conduit installation; curb work; asphalt and concrete repair; signage, bollard, and striping installation; structural retaining walls; architectural screening walls; and lighting foundations), EVITP-certified electrical construction (wire pulling and termination; and equipment setting), site restoration, and commissioning activities.  Installation experience extends to multiple brands of L2 Chargers (wall and pedestal mount), L3 DC Fast Chargers (power cabinets and all-in-one units), and supporting electrical equipment, including transformers, switchboard and distribution panels, and step-down transformers.  In addition to design and installation services, ESW offers initial owner consultations and operational assessments to assist with integration into core operations.

As a Quanta Services company, ESW has construction partners in all 50 states and across Canada, allowing us to include local construction experts on initial site walks and in design discussions.  This substantially increases constructability and project economics, and differentiates the ESW team within the industry.  In addition, we are able to leverage a broad network of electric utility relationships, streamlining various aspects of construction and commissioning.  Our turnkey execution approach enables us to provide our customers with a single point of contact through all stages of a project or program, regardless of size or location.

Highlight Map: Key Utility Interaction