Quality Management

Quality Management

Customer satisfaction remains the primary focus of our quality management system, consistently achieved by delivering precisely accurate products and services within the agreed upon time frame.

Our management team ensures effective operations and continued improvement of our quality management system through the “Plan-Do-Check-Act” cycle and periodic reviews, not only to meet the individual needs of every project we work on, but also in anticipation of future needs that might arise and challenges that will need solving.

The targeted objectives of ESW’s quality management system are threefold:

  1. Define, improve, and control processes to align with our customers’ needs and expectations as expressed in the contract documents
  2. Prevent mistakes to avoid rework and delays during construction through early detection and correction of issues
  3. Provide a safe and productive work environment for employees

These objectives are achieved by working closely with our clients to develop program- and project-specific Quality Plans. Each plan is individualized and enhanced by our broad experience with industry best practices in the unique industries of electric power, gas, telecommunications and renewable energy infrastructure. ESW’s quality plans define the QA and QC steps to be used in construction, inclusive of monitoring actions, reporting mechanisms, and documentation formats. We underline the specific needs of our customers by defining, improving and controlling processes to ensure construction activities are fulfilled in accordance with contract documents and meet the quality standards that our clients expect. Furthermore, on-site quality inspectors perform real-time inspections and submit quality records electronically for systematic review, which ensures accurate and timely submission of contract documents to the customer.

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